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Endlich ist es soweit Jenny veröffentlicht ihr erstes Solo-Album "My Story"!

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13.10.2010 Jennys "My Story"

On 13th October Jenny Berggren is releasing her first solo album "My Story"! This album is containing 14 songs:

01. Intro
02. Free Me
03. Living In A Circus
04. Spend This Night
05. Dying To Stay Alive
06. Numb
07. Gotta Go
08. Here I Am
09. Give Me The Faith
10. Beat Of My Heart
11. Air Of Love
12. Natural Superstar
13. Here I Am sthlm Sound Radio Remix
14. Going Home

Yoou will find the lyrics on the official website of Jenny. You can order the album on amazon:

buy "My Story"
Jennys website

17.09.2010 "Gotta Go" on iTunes

After 2 days of waiting the new single of Jenny - "Gotta Go" is available" on iTunes worldwide. Go to iTunes and get it!

buy on iTunes

15.09.2010 Jennys new Single

Today is the official sale start of Jennys new single "Gotta Go". You can buy the single online within the next days on iTunes. Jennys official website got an update with a new picture and the cover of the new single "Gotta Go".

Jennys Website


The band had some promo gigs in North America - one in Canada on the Amfar Gala 2010. On which they performed a song with Kelly Rowland. Some days after that they appeared on the Sirius Radio XM in New York.


Furthermore the  final tracklist for Germany was announced:


01. All 4 U
02. Blah, Blah, Blah On The Radio
03. The Golden Ratio
04. Southern California
05. Told My Ma
06. Black Sea
07. One Day
08. Juliet

09. Precious
10. Vision In Blue
11. Mr. Replay
12. Who Am I
13. Doreen

You can listen to the songs on Amazon:

listen to the album "The Golden Ratio"

10.09.2010 Tracklist "The Golden Ratio"

Ace.Of.Base confirmed today the official tracklist of the forthcoming album "The Golden Ratio:


01. All 4 U
02. Blah, Blah, Blah On The Radio
03. The Golden Ratio
04. Southern California
05. Told My Ma
06. Black Sea
07. One Day
08. Precious
09. Vision In Blue
10. Mr. Replay
11. Who Am I
12. Doreen

In some regions there will be bonus tracks.


10.09.2010 Ace.Of.Base: promo clip zu "The Golden Ratio"

The album will be released on 24th September first, but today the Single "All For Yu" is released and as promotion the following clip is on air on various german TV channels in Germany. You can listen to parts of some songs of the new album in this clip too:

08.09.2010 Jenny: radio interview online

Jenny was on 08th September 2010 guest of the radio station Antenne Ac and gave them an interview. Jenny confirmed that the album will be released in UK and Germany too. Furthermore there are plans for a video to "Gotta Go". Here you can listen to the radio interview:

Interview without translation
Interview with translation

Ace.Of.Base: official website online

The first single is on the start and Universal set the official website to the band online:

offizielle Website

07.09.2010 Jenny with radio interview

Jenny will give on 08th September an interview to the radio station Antenne AC - at 9 am german time. there will be presented her solo singles "Here I Am" and "Gotta Go" and an Ace Of Base song. Don`t forget a listen online to the radio station:

Webradio Player
Mediaplayer Stream
Website Antenne AC

06.09.2010 COVER "The Golden Ratio"

The german label of Ace.Of.Base published the cover of the forthcoming album "The Golden Ratio" on their website. The first draft was a white picture with the band name and the album title. But now they had decided to take the band on the cover. You will see it when you click on the picture on the left side.

website label

04.09.2010 Jenny on Dansfeber

Jenny danced in a good performance as Marilyn Monroe. Unfortunately she did not reached the final. Watch to her dance appearance:

Jennys Dancet

04.09.2010 Jenny on Dansfeber

On 04th September Jenny will be a candidate in the swedish TV show "Dansfeber" on TV4. She is doing that for a good cause and will dance tothe song "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. You have to know that Marilyn Monroe was the original dancer to this song. Before the show Jenny gave an interview, get a look at it on

Interview to Dansfeber

Ace.Of.Base / Album-Release

The band had announced that the forthcoming album will be released on 24th September in 2010. Furthermore they decided that the song "Let It Play (On The Radio)" is keeping the original name: the final title is "Bla, Bla , Bla (On The Radio". The band needs furthermore your suggestions for the content of the new official website. You can write it down on their official facebook-site.

In the next days the band will do a performance on a big TV show and a radio interview in Canada...


03.09.2010 Jenny with new single

Jennys first solo album "My Story" will be released on 13th October 2010. So it is delayed for 4 weeks. But with this delay Jennys is presenting a second single: "Gotta Go". This single will be released on 15th September 2010. You are able to listen to the 2nd single on the following website. Don`t forget to vote for the song on your radio station!

Single "Gotta Go"


The first single of Ace.Of.Base is "All For You" and will be released on 10th September in Germany. The album will have the title "The Golden Ratio" and will follow in October 2010. Right now you are able to order both on Amazon. Furthermore the band shot a video in August 2010 to the leadsingle which you can watch on the website of the german tv channel VIVA.

The band announced more song-titles like "Let It Play (On The Radio)", "The Golden Ratio", "One Day", "Southern California", "Told My Ma" or "Vision In Blue".

Current pictures and official pictures you will find on the official Facebook-page of Ace.Of.Base!

buy the single "All For You"
buy the album "The Golden Ratio"
Video zu "All For You"

13.07.2010 Ace.Of.Base

No - the title is not written wrong - this is the name of the project of Jonas and Ulf - it is called .Ace.Of.Base. and the band members are Jonas, Ulf, Clara and Julia. Furthermore the band confirmed the first single - it is "All For You", chosen from 3 new songs. The others are  "Let It Play On The Radio (bla, bla, bla)" and "Black Sea". The radio release is on 13th July 2010 and the album will follow in October this year. Right now the band is very talkative - you will find them on Twitter and Facebook...


20.06.2010 Ulf at SIME 2010

Ulf was the last days at SIME 2010 in Barcelona and told some facts about the forthcoming new Ace of Base 2.0 album. A rekease sholud be in October 2010. The focus will be on a digital release, but there will be a pysical release too...

Jennys album in September

One month before Jenny will release her first solo album on 15th September 2010, 3 days before her wedding day. The album will have the title "My Story". Her first single had his highest position on the swedish charts on no. 14. Furthermore you can buy "Here I Am" on amazon:


16.05.2010 Video to the single "Here I Am"

The website of Aftonbladet and Youtube published the video to Jenny's first single "Here I Am" - you can order it on CDon:


01.05.2010 Jennys first dingle: "Here I Am"

Now it is set - the first single is "Here I Am" and it will be released on 19 May 2010 - Jennys Birthday! The song got a good airplay on various radio stations. Furthermore the cover and the video for the songs are ready. It is announced, that it will be a online and physical single! So expect thje 19th May for the first release of Jenny!

20.03.2010 Jenny with new song

Jenny had the last days an interview with the canadian radiostation Virgin and presented a new song with the title "Here I am". You can listen to it on the Aceboards. Furthermore she is now on Facebook...


Ace Of Base 2.0

Jonas and Ulf had confirmed the names of the new 2 singers - Julia and Clare. Both are Swedes and have dark brown hair. Clara cpuld be Clara Hagman, which participated on several casting shows in Sweden.

10.02.2010 new labels and production company

The most used news center for Ace of Base is Twitter. Jonas and Ulf are giving on this way the hottest news about the new project Ace of Base 2.0. At this time the band can present good news - they signed a contract with the label Universal Music for Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. They have 2 options for North and South America. Furthermore Ulf and Jonas started a production/publishing company, which is based in Los Angeles, London and Stockholm. The last weeks the band recorded a song with the title "Bla Bla Bla (on the radio". It is a  up tempo song with 110bpm. Last year they recorded a song together with Drew Ryan Scott, called "Roses"...


Free Me

And Jenny is working on her first solo album too and she is appearing on various churches in Sweden. Now she told the fans, that the song "Free Me" was downloaded more than 5.000 times! Congratulation!


31.12.2009 Free Me by Jenny

With the new year 2010 the story of JEnny Berggren has begun and as a gift Jenny is giving the fans her first song song "Free Me" as a download for free. That means that this song wont be the first single. It will be very interesting to follow the story of Jenny...

official website

16.12.2009 Ace of Base v2.0

Now it seems to be final - the next album will be without Jenny Berggren! The next album will be recorded with 2 new girls. According to rumours the girls will be from Scandinavia... Right now Ulf and Jonas were in Prague to record songs with Timbaland. And they won another famous producer - RedOne, who produced Lady Gaga too. Ulf and Jonas are now in Poland and are doing some more recordings... The latest information and new pictures of the band are availlable on



Jenny Berggren on the other site is focussing on her solo career. Her official webiste shows a new trailer with first impression of her own music style - and he is really great! It sounds fresh and unecpected! Furthermore Jenny appeared on the swedish channel TV4 - the clip is online too.

offizial website

25.11.2009 Jennys website

The solo project of Jenny is more and more in development now. After the release of her book now her official website opened with video-trailer! The designer Rickard Engfors is the creative head again.

offical website

17.11.2009 Ulf at Idol 2009

Ulf became a member of the jury for the casting show "Swedish Idol 2009"on 13th november 2009. Beside his work as a member of the jury he told some information about the band future. Right now a release is planned for the beginning of 2010. The album is ready so far and now they are looking for a label. Some videos from his appearance at this show you can see online with the help of the following links...

TV4-Beitrag Teil 1
Expressen TV

18.09.2009 Jennys book release

Today the first book of Jenny "Vinna hela Världen" was released in Sweden. Another interesting information: today is the wedding day of Jenny and her husband too. Furthermore Jenny announced on Twitter that there will be a translation in various languages the next time. So there will be a chance to buy the book in your own language! But until now a releasse date of these translated books are not fixed. The next days Jenny will have some promotion to her book - you can get the dates on her Twitter site.

order the book

Jennys solo album

But that is not enough on news about Jenny. She is working on her first solo album too. Jenny and Jakob wrote some details to this albumon Twitter . A video was shot for the album and Jenny is very excited about that, Jakob has written another song, which was sent to the producers in Nashville to complete the song. All these information are sourced on Twitter. Unfortunately there is no release date until now, but the album is in a working process...

remix of Cruel Summer

A new remix of the hit single "Cruel Summer" made by Rico Bernasconi, better known as the DJ from the band Master Blaster, is successful on air at the dance halls and clubs in Germany. The song has entered the official charts too. It is a collaboration between the band and Rico Bernasconi and released as Rico Bernasconi vs. Ace of Base. There are som rumours that the band and the DJ want to prdouce more remixes together. Now you are able to download the released single and the song on Amazon and Musicload:


Ulf interview

Ulf gave an interview about the current situation of the bandto the english Website Digital Spy. Now the question is if the band will be a trio again or will include a female fourth member. But a release of the new album seems to be sure...

31.07.2009 Jenny on Twitter / Book

Right now Jenny ia the most active band member in the internet. Some days ago she opened her own site on Twitter and give the fans some funny and personal messages! Beside that her book, which will be published in September, is getting a new cover. You can see it on the left side to the text,,, It is created by Rickard Engfors.


03.07.2009 Concert in Moscow

According to the Urbania Group, their concert management, the band will do a concert on 1st August 2009 in Moscow again at the Nahabino Country Club!

Greatest Hits Package for Germany

On 03rd July 2009 Universal Music is releasing the Greatest Hits Package for Germany too. It contains a double CD and a DVD with all their videos. Now you are able to buy it::



Since weeks the official website of Ace of Base is down. And now there are rumours about the future of the band. After the bankrupt of their provider Mubito the release of the new album seems to be stopped. And the band is not sure about the kind of release. According to the rumours there is the possibility that the band will release the best made album ever under a different band name! But one thing seems to be for sure: The fact that there will be a release! We will see what the future will bring to the fans of Ace of Base!
08.05.2009 book release of Jenny

In September this year is releasing a book with the title "Vinna hela Världen" in swedish language. The translation of the title is "Win the whole world". Until now it is not published if this book will be released in the English language too. But you are able to buy the book on a swedish online shop::

order book

06.05.2009 Ace of Base on swedish TV

The swedish tv channel SVT made a report about the concert in Riga and the comeback of 90s and in combination with it the comeback of Ace of Base - but see it by yourself:

24.04.2009 News from Ulf and Jenny

Jenny and Ulf published on the official website statements about the current situation and the new album, but read by yourself:

Hallo friends,

Today we were in the studio to record my vocals for a new song about the world. It's so great to be together in the studio. We have a lot of fun and enjoy every minute.

We wanna say thank you to all of you for your big support!

One more thing what I wanna say is about your demo petition. We don't have the rights yet to bring them online or release them now. Hopefully we can tell you later more about this.

Lots of love,


Hello Acers,

The recording of the new album is almost done and we are pretty comfortable that this would be the best album ever. Jonas and I had the most creative and productive period in our lives the last 9 months.

On the technology front some of our technology providers we work with have had some serious financial problems and some even gone into bankruptcy the last 3 months, including our platform provider Mubito. This have created a situation where we in some cases need to find new providers/partners and in some cases need to wait for new financing to be able to continuing implementing our new technologies. We have spend extensive time to sort these problems out and are still working hard to solve it but we have lost some valuable time for sure



official website
19.04.2009 Don't Turn Around remix contest

The band and Kobloreleased a new remix contest. Now it is the 4th one. You are able to create your own mixes from on't Turn Around and of course the best one can win some exclusive things. Get the newest remix kit on

Koblo - Remix-Contest Don't Turn Around
19.03.2009 Cover

The american musician Max Vernon published a cover version of the hit "All That She Wants". This cover can be downloaded on the website of the New York Posts and is also available on YouTube! This is the best cover of the song so far...

New York Posts
27.02.2009 new remix contest

After the remix contests of Happy Nation and Wheel of Fortune now you are able to create your own mix of Lucky Love. Make the studio to your source and be the winner of the new contest...

Remix Kit
16.02.2009 Ace of Base on SVT2

On 16th February 2009 the swedish channel SVT2 will broadcast a show about Ace of Base and the measure between the Swedes and and the band. It will be shown at 9.30 pm european time.


another producer

During their sutdio session in the US Ulf and Jonas were working with the prudocer Damon Sharpe on their new album. Damon Sharpe had collaborations with Anastacia and Jennifer Lopez in the past. Furthermore there is a video about their studioworking on Youtube.

MySpace of Damon Sharpe

23.01.2009 Ace of Base on TV

On 24th January 2009 from 7.45 pm until 9pm an Ace of Base concert will be shown on the lithuanian INIT TV!

INIT TV-Website
21.01.2009 Happy Nation 2009 Remix Contest

After the first remix contest with "Wheel Of Fortune 2009" the band and Koblo published a new remix kit in combination with a new contest! Now you have the chance to create your own remix of the 2009 mix of the world hit "Happy Nation". Get it and be creative - of course you can win something from the band!

Download Remix Kit/Remixe

cooperation with Sennheiser

The band and the german corporate Sennheiser will have a cooperation for  the upcoming world tour! Sennheiser is providing the technical support for the shows - with it the band has the highest level on technical support! More information you will find on the following website.

press release Sennheiser
14.01.2009 tour dates

The last bands the fanbase got more information about possible tour dates. According to the organizer of the Töreboda`s festival in Sweden (from 02nd until 4th July 2009) the band will be a part on it! Furthermore there will be a concert in Minsk on 28th February 2009. More confirmed dates are: 07th March in Santo Domingo, 20th March in Riga and 18th July in Kirkjubøur (Faroe Islands).
21.12.2008 various news

Some days ago the band let us know the first winner of the remix contest to "Wheel Of Fortune 2009" - it is Brett from Australia! Furthermore Ulf and Jenny let us know some new facts to the curent situation, work and details für the new album, but read it by yourself - here are the original messages from them:

Amazing Remixers!

I must say that I'm not only super impressed by the 3.0 remixes that you've done on WOF 2009, but also very encouraged to continue our mission to become more and more interactive. It really worked even better that Jan Karel and I ever dreamed of 24 months ago, which was when this project started. We're working 24/7 together with the great people to get the sequencer and lots of other super cool stuff online (integrated on I'm really proud that you're all being part of writing history and forever changing the way music was produced and consumed!

Our plan is to release more old hits (in new redefined formats) to be remixed next year and the best remixers will be invited to participate in some way on the new album! More info follows in 2009.

We're also working hard on a online video editing tool for 2009 where you can participate on remaking all our videos! Plus we're working on a super cool contest for our new album. More info to come, so stay tuned here!

Simultaneously we are super busy in the studio working with the band on the new album. We just spend the last few weeks with the famous producer Peer Åström and the results are fantastic!

Jonas and I will spend January '09 in L.A writing and producing and then back to Stockholm where we are in the studio with Jenny the whole of February '09

Thank you all for this unbelievably inspiring year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Let the Music Play,


Hello everybody…Jenny speaking.

I’ve just listened to all the remixes again…I just have to say I love them…
The winner takes it all it’s said, but I have a special place in my heart for more than one winner.

Good music is good in any way you twist or shape it; Benny Hochmuth showed that by letting a classical touch in on the project. When I listen to it, it feels like I’m in a movie, although I need to make new vocal recordings for him. My voice there sounds a bit …low. I don’t think recording that is possible right now, but we’ll see in the future…

However in DJ Powers version, that low sounding problem is solved. I’ve never been that happy. You have created a great energy!

Brett Austin, congratulations!!

I’d like to hand the price to you in person and I really hope to hear more from all of you.
I usually tell our crew on tour to keep on growing with us in the project. In the same spirit I would like to encourage you all to make more music, create new ideas and to improve your remixes. Welcome to the world of changes in a good way.

This is the most exiting thing I’ve heard in a long time. Thanks to you all!

All the best,

Hello everybody,

Hope you are all fine!

I'm on my way to Stockholm to do some recordings for the new album. I feel so privilieged to be able to do music in this way!

I wish you a all a Merry Christmas!

With love,


Download Remix Kit/Remixe
05.12.2008 new producer

On their official myspace-site the band has announced that Jonas and Ulf are working with the demon producer Peer Astrom in their studio right now. Peer Astrom produced for other famous artists like  Celine Dion, Cindy Lauper ot the queen of pop Madonna ("Get Together"). It seems that the album will get a high quality in producing...


first remixes are online

With the help of the remix kit to "Wheel Of FOrtune 2009" some fans have created their own remixes. You have the chance too to make your own remix. You only have to download the remix kit and with the use of Koblo or other programs you can create the remix. Lets do it!

Download Remix Kit/Remixe
19.11.2008 Ace Of Base at SIME 08/YouTube

The band had an appearance at the SIME 08 in Stockholm on 13th November 2008. They performed the songs "The Sign" and "All That She Wants" together with the artist Mia Rose. Now you can watch these performances on the official Ace of Base channel on YouTube. Furthermore the band published an interview from the concert in Bucharest on YouTube.

YouTube-Video All That She Wants
YouTube-Video The Sign


Lucky Love Version 2009 and remix video on iTunes

Besides the new versions of "Don`t Turn Around" and "Wheel Of Fortune" the band published a new version of "Lucky Love" on iTunes. Furthermore you are able to download an official remix video of "Beautiful Life" there...

iTunes - Lucky Love 2009
Video to Beautiful Life

remix kit to "Wheel Of Fortune 2009"

Ace of Base promised the fans that they can create their own remixes of the new songs. And now it is possible to to that. On their site they published a remix kit for "Wheel Of FOrtune 2009"! After a download you can use 13 original files for a new own remix. After your publishing of the remix you can win various prices from the band like VIP tickets for one of their concerts. So let´s do it!

official website
download remix kit
27.10.2008 Interview with Ulf

The swedish newspaper "Expressen" filmed an video interview with Ulf during his stay in New York last week. He told something about the new studio album. He mentioned that the fans should be part of developing the new album - they have the chance to write the lyrics and will choose the final 20 songs for the new album from over 500 songs Ace Of Base has written the last time.

Another information was given about the official YouTube channel. He announced that they will update the fans through this new medium. Today he published 2 new videos on YouTube - the band invite the fans to write their own lyrics and give them videos according to the new album, but see it by yourself:

YouTube-Video #1
YouTube-Video #2
26.10.2008 Tour

The band will start her tour in America on 17th December 2008. They will appear in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic...


The first single "Wheel Of Fortune 2009" hit the charts on #8 in the Maxi-Charts and on #54 on the download charts on Furthermore the song reached #20 in the swedish itunes charts and #1 on Klicktrack!

24.10.2008 out now

The single "Wheel Of Fortune 2009" is now available for download - for example on Musicload and the store on the official website of Ace Of Base!

21.10.2008 Ace of Base with YouTube Channel

Some days before the release of the new single "Wheel Of Fortune 2009" Ace Of Base started an own YouTube channel with 3 new videos - the video to the single "Wheel Of Fortune 2009", a bandgreeting and the band in the studio...

According to the band they will make a tour in the United States in autumn this year. Furthermore they promised that a new album will be out next summer for sure! Right now they have done 60 percentage.

Video "Wheel Of Fortune 2009"
Ulf/Jonas im Sudio
20.10.2008 Ulf in New York

On 23th October Ulf will participate on the 8th Swedish Music Seminar in New York. The well known journalist Fred Bronson from the Billboard magazine ("Chart Beat") will interview Ulf about "the past, present and the future of Ace Of Base".
17.10.2008 Promo CD

Like regularely on every release there will be a promo CD to the release of "Wheel Of Fortune 2009. It invcludes 5 tracks:

01. Wheel Of Fortune 2009 Radio Edit             3:24
02. Wheel Of Fortune 2009 Club Mix               5:29
03. Wheel Of Fortune 2009 Album Version       3:47
04. Wheel Of Fortune 1993 12'' Mix               
05. Wheel Of Fortune 1993 Club Mix               4:39

Greatest Hits/Remix CD

You can download The Greatest Hits and the remix CD on Musicload too:

Greatest Hits
Remix CD


If you want to buy the single of "Wheel Of Fortune" you should do it on Musicload, because these download are counting for the german charts! This is a chance to bring them back to the charts! Download on


12.10.2008 release information

The last had a lot of new information around the first single and the colllection album. Playgroundmusic will release "Wheel Of Fortune 2009" as a download-single worldwide on 24th October 2008. You can order and download the single for example on Musicload and Klick Track.

The collection album is set for a release in Scandinavia and Japan. The able in Japan is JVC/Virgin Records and will only release a 12-Track  album on 19th November 2008.ere is the tracklist:

The Greatest Hits

01. All That She Wants
02. The Sign   
03. Everytime It Rains   
04. Beautiful Life   
05. Cruel Summer   
06. Don't Turn Around   
07. Lucky Love (Acoustic version)   
08. Always Have, Always Will   
09. Life Is A Flower   
10. C'est La Vie (Always 21)   
11. Lucky Love (Fr. Knuckles Mix)   
12. Beautiful Life (Jr. Vasquez Mix)


Workshop with Jenny

According to the website "Ace of Base - Redefined Jenny will do a worksop at the University of Orebro on 28th Ocotober 2008 from 5 till 6.30 pm. She will share her experiences as a famous woman und will talk about the stardom.

Ace of Base Redefined

08.10.2008 new collection-album/new single

The scandinavian label Playgroundmusic will release a single for promoting the upcoming collection album on 24th October. The single will be "Wheel Of Fortune 2009", which includes a club mix of the song.


01. Wheel Of Fortune 2009    03:44
02. W.O.F. 2009 Club Mix      05:26

The label delayed the release of the collection album to 10th November 2008. At this moment there are no information about a release in other countries than Scandinavia. Here the official tracklist:

CD1 The Greatest Hits

01. The Sign
02. All That She Wants  
03. Wheel Of Fortune  
04. Lucky Love  
05. Beautiful Life  
06. Happy Nation  
07. Life Is A Flower  
08. Don't Turn Around  
09. Hallo Hallo  
10. Always Have, Always Will  
11. Cruel Summer (Big Bonus Mix)  
12. Unspeakable  
13. C'est La Vie (Always 21)  
14. Living In Danger  
15. Beautiful Morning  
16. Da Capo  

CD2 The Classic Remixes

01. Wheel Of Fortune (2009 Version)  
02. Don't Turn Around (2009 Version)  
03. The Sign (The Remix)  
04. Cruel Summer (Soul Poets House Bust)  
05. Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry (Sweetbox Funky Mix)  
06. Life Is A Flower (Soul Poets Night Club Mix)  
07. All That She Wants (Madness Version)  
08. Lucky Love (Raggasol Version)  
09. Travel To Romantis (Love To Infinity Master Mix)  
10. C'est La Vie (Always 21) (Remix)  
11. Happy Nation (Moody Gold Mix)  
12. Hallo Hallo (Dub Version)  
13. Living In Danger (D-House Mix - Short Version)  
14. Beautiful Life (Lenny B's House Of Joy Club Mix)  
15. Megamix (Long Version)  

DVD - The Videos

01. All That She Wants
02. Wheel Of Fortune  
03. Happy Nation  
04. The Sign  
05. Don't Turn Around  
06. Living In Danger  
07. Lucky Love  
08. Beautiful Life  
09. Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry  
10. Life Is A Flower  
11. Cruel Summer  
12. Travel To Romantis  
13. Always Have Always Will  
14. C'est La Vie (Always 21)  
15. Beautiful Morning  
16. Lucky Love (Acoustic Version)  
17. Unspeakable



The appearances at the IndoChine-festival and in Helsinki were successfull. Find some pictures, videos and interviews on:

Ace of Base Redefined
26.09.2008 new Collection-album

The swedish label Playgroundmusic will release a collection-album on 27th October this year. According to their website the CD will contain all their 16 greatest Hits, 13 classic remixes and new remixes of "Wheel Of Fortune" and  "Don`t Turn Around". Furthermore the collection album will include a DVD with all their music videos. Until now there are no information about a release for Germany.


promotion poster for Riga

The promotion poster for the concert in Riga on 21st November is published on the website of the UrbaniaGroup. The concert is part of show called "Back to the 90s".

22.09.2008 concert-news

According to the website "Ace Of Base - redefined" the concert dates for 1st and 2nd October in Helsinki were cancelled. You can use the tickets from these shows for 3rd and 4th October or you will get back your money.

Furthermore the band will appear at the IndoChine Festival in Singapore on 26th September. The concert will last about 2 hours.

Tickets IndoChine-Festival
13.09.2008 Management

In September 2008 the Band ad changed their management. Till the band was represented by the United Stage Management Group. Now the manager is John Orlando and his agency Urbania Group.

Urbania Group

new Album in October

According to the website "Ace of Base redefined" the "Wheel Of Fortune"-remix will be the first single of a double-album which contains a CD with their greatest hits and a second CD with new remixes and remakes of the old songs.


The swedish newspaper "Aftonbladet" published an interview with Ulf Ekberg some weeks ago, He told some new things about the band and his activites in companies

He mentioned, that pop-icon Madonna is using a mix of "Like A Prayer" and "Beautiful Life" on her "Sticky and Sweet"-Tour... Apart from that I visited the concert in Berlin on 28th August and I cannot confirm this fact. If there is really a mix between both songs you have to listen very carefully or just have a good imagination.  Although it would not surprise me if there will be a collaboration between Madonna and Ace of Base. It is founded to the rumour that the queen of pop is interested to use the electrostyle on her next album.

Furthermore Ulf announced
that t
hey are planning to visit Eastern Europe and the USA in autumn this year and that the band is dreaming of a comprehensive world tour in 2010. Moreover he mentioned that the album will be released in electrostyle in 2009 and that the next album will be a collection album in 2008 ...

The woöe interview you can read on the website "Ace of Base redefined".

Ace of Base Redefined
15.08.2008 commitment for a good cause

The danish benefit-organisation and Ace Of Base will work together. According to a danish article the band will release an international benefit single. A part of the sales will be used for a good cause. A shop for Germany is planned under the link too.

Concert in Bucharest

According to varoius sources the band will give an other concert on 8th November in Bucharest, Romania, in Sala Palatului. You can buy the tickets under the following links:

25.06.2008 new concert-dates

The band announced officialy the concert for Riga on 21st November 2008. The theme is the 90s - there will be stars like Haddaway and Culture Beat too. Furthermore the band will appear on 29th June in Minsk (Belarussia) and they cancelled the concert in Stavanger on 28th June 2008.
20.06.2008 Sparks (of a fire)

On their last concert in Middelfart in Denmark the band had presented a new song. Right now the fans are not really sure about the correct title - it could be "Sparks" or "Sparks of a fire". A first soundcheck of this song you can get on the AceBoards.


Furthermore there is one more concert announced - it should be on 21st November in Riga (Latvia) ...
11.06.2008 Ace of Base in Helsinki

The band will appear from 1st till 4th October 2008 in the capitol of Finland, in Helsinki. Furthermore the band had a private gig in St. Petersburg at 7th June.

"Jenny worked hard for Donna Summer"

Jenny worked with Donna Summer on the song "Slide Over Backwards" for the new album with the title "Crayons" of the famous disco-queen! Jenny was singing the background vocals and her husband Jakob was involved as the co-author and made keyboard programming for the song. Furthermore Donna Summer wrote thanks to Jenny and Jakob:

JENNY BERGGREN: The minute we met I knew it would be a long time friendship. Thank you for your input on my record and sharing your world with me.

NATHAN DIGESARE AND JAKOB PETREN: Nathan my brother, my studimuffin and Jakob, I am honored to be a part of this creative journey with both of you.

more news

Ulf told in an bulgarian interview, that the new album will contain 14 songs. There will be 7 new songs and 7 new version of the famous old songs.

The swedish agency Foxy Promotion will be handling the promotion of the band in Asia, South America and Europe!

Another new thing is the collaboration with the chinese artist Wei Wei, who is very popular in China...

Foxy Promotion
Wei Wei
09.04.2008 Ulf is a papa again

The 3rd child of Ulf and Johanna was born on 03nd April 2008! They got their first daughter and gave her the name Valentina!

new outfit

There are 2 new official pictures from the band online and you can watch them on this fansite too...

07.04.2008 new tour-dates

The band has confirmed the following dates for the upcoming tour:

07th May 2008 - Lovech (City Square), Bulgaria
31st May 2008 - Herning Open Air, Denmark
28th June 2008 - Stavanger (Beach Volley World Tour), Norway
05th August 2008 - Alanya (Alanya Beach Party), Turkey
10th August 2008 - Skanderborg Festival, Denmark

new outfit

The band is surprising with a new outfit to the upcoming new album - you can see a preview on...


21.03.2008 TV-appearance

Jenny was one of some prominents at the swedish tv-show "Så ska det låta"! Together with Magnus Carlsson, which was a partner on the ABBA-shows too, she had to find out sond and then to sing it. And she did with a fantastic voice, but you can listen to it by yourself. Enjoy the appearance of Jenny at the video on


10.03.2008 dates of concerts

Now the first dates for the upcoming worldtour were fixed. The band will perform in Kiew on 14th April in Kiew and on 15th April in Odessa. Bothe are cities in the Ukraine.

Performances on festivals in Denmark will follow in June till August:

14th June 2008 - Festival "Rock Under Broen" in Middelfart
14th June 2008 - Slagelse Open Air in Slagelse
from 03rd till 05th July 2008 - VIG Festival, Dänemark
from 06th till 10th August 2008 - Smukkeste Festival, Dänemark


25.02.2008 News

Beside the concert in Bergen/Norway the band announced some news and details to the upcoming world tour:

First the band confirmed, that Linn is definitely out of the band! An official statement will be announced in the next time.

The new album which is planned for a release in Summer 2008 will contain some new songs and new version of the old songs. Jenny played the webmasters of the new version of "The Sign"on her mp3-player. They described the sound as new modern electro-sound.

Furthermore the band will work with a famous chinese artist which has a fan-community with more than 1 billion people.

Beside the concerts in Europe, Asia and the United States there will be concerts in Africa too! Concerts in Kiev, Minsk and St. Petersburg are planned for April. Kiev will take place on 14th April. In May there will be concerts in Sofia, Barcelona, Bucharest, Estonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland and Denmark. Concerts in Munich, Kiev and Helsinki will follow in June and in Asia in July. More over one more concert is planned for Denmark in August. Germany, Austria and Switzerland are set for October and the US-tour for 2009.


23.02.2008 News

The band gave the fansite some more information to the plans for the next months at the concert in Trondheim. Ace of Baseis planning a big gig in Barcelona in May and will do concerts in Germany, Austria uns Switzerland in October! Furthermore Ulf will be at the festival in Cannes at 24th May this year. A report and pictures from the concert in Trondheim you will get on:


13.02.2008 News

Ace of Base is coming back! With a new look, a new sound and a very cool new website coming out in May! Want to know more? Please sign up for the official newsletter at The  official AOB newsletter will start in March.

official website

Jenny live

Jenny presented together with her husband Jakob Petrén in a live-appearance the new CD to "Psalmer för Livet" in the swedish TV:

video to the appearance

more news

According to, there are plans for a release of a new album and a remixalbum in September 2008. The worldtour should start in May and there are plans for a tour in China and another one in the USA in 2009!


07.01.2008 Concerts in Kazakhstan

The website announced, that there will be some more concerts of Ace of Basein next time. 2 of them will be in Kazakhstan - on 14th February 2008 in Almaty and on on 15th February in Astana. Furthermore there will be a concert in TRondheim (Norway) on 22nd February 2008.

Concert on TV

The russian TV-channel TV1 had sent the concert of Ace of Base from 15th December 2007 in Moscow on new year. You can download the video on!


03.12.2007 Ace of Base without Linn

In a radio-interview Ulf mentioned, that "Ace of Base is now a trio, we're not 4 anymore. Malin is not a part of the band anymore". Futhermore Ulf said, that Linn wanted to leave band since 1996! In past she was faded out more and more from the band - and now it was time to communicate, that she had left the band... You will find the radio-interview on!

new album

Furthermore he told some news about the new album! New material will there in 2008 for sure! The band are also planning a remix album...


The concert in Tallin was a success too. They performed in front of 3200 people! This was a concert, which they will never forget! Under the following link you will find some pix:

pix of Tallin

28.11.2007 more concert-news

Like reported, the band will perform once again in Moscow - at the Olympic arena on 15.12.2007! The concert will be together with the Army of Lovers and other artists and will be presented by the radiochannel RetroFM!

Furthermore the band will do a concert in Bergen on 22nd February 2008 in Norway! Ace of Base announced possible concerts for Denmark, Sotuh Africa and Germany!

Videos, pix and more information are availlable on!

official Website
17.11.2007 Concert-News

The concert on 23rd November in Copenhagen will be in the Vallby Hallen and not the Forum! Furthermore there will be one more concert in Moscow on 15th December!

The first 2 concerts were a great success. The band surprised with new version of the well known hit-singles. Here iks the set-list:

01. Happy Nation
02. Wheel of Fortune
03. Living in Danger
04. Don't Turn Around
05. Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry
06. Monolog Jenny
07. Life is a Flower
08. Life is a Flower (Remix)
09. All That She Wants
10. Cruel Summer
11. Beautiful Life
12. Lucky Love
13. The Sign (Slow Version)
14. The Sign

Pictures, videos and audio-files are availlable on the Aceboards YouTube!

The management had announced, that the first concert was sold that the band is planning a festival-tour in Europe!

new webdesign

The official website has a new design! Check it out!

official website
31.10.2007 Ulf will be papa again

The swedish magazine Se & Hör had reported, that Ulf and Johanna are expecting their 3rd child in March next year. It will be a girl...
22.10.2007 BMI honours Ace of Base

The music organisation BMI honours Ace of Base with a medal for the performing of the song "The Sign" 3 million times on tv and radio in the USA! Jenny represented the band in London on 16th October to reach the medal of BMI.

Jenny in TV-Show

Jenny will be together with Magnus Carlsson on the swedish tv-show "
Så ska det låta" on SVT. In this show 4 musicians play against in 2 teams. Magnus Carlsson and Jenny will be one team. They have to sing songs along to a piano. The show will be recorder in October. It will be on air in 2008.
article to TV-Show

dates for concert

The management has confirmed the following concerts:


15.11.2007 - Ekaterinburg (Kosmos Konsert)
16.11.2007 - Moskau (Rai Club)
17.11.2007 - St. Petersburg (SKK Arena)
19.11.2007 - Ufa (Arena Ogni Efi)


23.11.2007 - Kopenhagen (Forum)



28.11.2007 - Tallinn (Linnahall)


13.12.2007 - Siauliai (Siauliai Arena)
14.12.2007 - Vilnius (Siemens Arena)

16.10.2007 more concerts confirmed

The URBANIA GROUP confirms an Ace Of Base tour for the first time in the past 12 years. Confirmed shows to take place in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Ufa and Ekaterinburg in Russia, Vilnius and Siauliai in Lithuania and Tallinn in Estonia. More shows to be confirmed.

taken from:

website of the event-manager

The appearance in Vilnius will take place on 14th December at the Siemens Arena. The band will perform together with the famous artists Sandra and Alphaville.

Furthermore it is known, that the swede Rickard Engfors will provide the outfit of Ace of Base on the tour in Russia.

Siemens Arena
28.09.2007 Moscow is confirmed

Lasse Karlsson, the manager of Ace of Base, has the concert in Moscow on 16th November confirmed to It will be on Club Rai! Furthermore there will be more concerts between 15. November and 15. Desember 2007 in East-Europe...

"The Kooks" cover All That She Wants

The british radio-channel BBC Radio 1 is celebrating his 40th anniversary. To this special event they had made covers of the 40 top-hits of the last 40 years. And All That She Wants" is the hit for the year 1993. The band "the Kooks" were making a cover of it. Futher hits came from stars like Madonna, Justin Timberlake or Sting.

BBC Radio 1
17.09.2007 second concert in Russia

The concert-promoter for Russia, the Urbania-Group, is listing another concert for Russia. It should be in the russian capitol Moscow in the "Club Rai" on 16th November 2007. Until now this concert is not confirmed yet by the management.

website of the event-manager
15.09.2007 concert-dates are confirmed

Right now it is a good time for the fans of Ace of Base. The management had confirmed two concert-dates for the November this year. On 17th November the band will give a concert in St. Petersburg in Russia at the SKK-Arena. On 23rd November will be the concert in Copenhagen in the Forum. The last one will start at 9.30 p.m. The tickets will cost between 495 and 595 kr. and the selling will start on 19th September 2007 on!

official Homepage
19.08.2007 one more concert

Ace of Base-manager Lasse Karlsson sent a message to the website Aceboards, that there will be another concert in Copenhagen probably. It is planned for the end of November.

19.08.2007 confirmed conert

The management of Ace of Base confirmed, that the band will have their first official concert since years. It will be in Bangalore in India on 24th November 2007! Right now there are no more details available!
27.07.2007 concert-news

The management of Base did not confirm the appearance in Poland! Here the official statement:

"Dear Acers, I am sad about the fact that I am getting strange mails from fans and media about a confirmed performance in Poland. In fact this is not true, some weeks ago maybe a month ago we did get invited to perform at the "tall ships" at Szczecin, Poland, and for this we were happy   But we never agreed or went in contract with any promoter, there is nothing signed in between the parties. We are honoured and happy about the concert request. But the truth is that if we would have confirmed this, it would be out in our news on the official site and myspace site directly.

In fact we left the invitation open, saying maybe to the promoter. We have been very informative to all involved. Saying that first of all we need to have a show to present, for that we need the group, musicians and material to be rehearse. With out this, there is no show to perform. Due to the fact that there was many personal schedules to re-book and change, the rehearsals was slower then planed and due to this we did inform the promoter that the band not were able to reach the given deadlines. So the show was turned down.

In fact we are rehearsing as we speak; the ambition is to set up shows in the near future with Ace of Base. I would say in November..."

After that a new rumour about a possible concert reached the acerdom! A swedish event manager is listing Ace of Base for a concert in St. Petersburg in Russia (Ledovy Arena)
on 17th November in 2007! But till now it is just a RUMOUR and not confirmed by the management or the band. You should buy your ticket and plan the trip to Russia only after an official confirmation!

Website of the event manager
04.07.2007 Appearance of Ace of Base

According to the event manager of "The Tall Ships` Races" the band will be the music star for the final race. It will be in Szczecin in Poland on 4th August 2007. Unfortunately there are no more information or a confirmation from the management.

website of the race
23.03.2007 Jenny got a daughter

In an interview with the swedish newspaper Expressen Jenny told, that she gsve birth a doughter few weeks ago. Jakob and Jenny have not a name yet, but they call her lovely "Lillan" (the little one).

The tranlsation of the article you will find under "Presse" or under the following links.

On the offical site is announced, that Jenny and Jakob are very proud to be parents of a daughter and that they have written a song about her!

18.03.2007 Jenny-appearance with the original ABBA-Orchestra

On 18th March Jenny and the origianl ABBA-Orchestra had their first appearance together at the swedisch TV-show Bingolotto at the swedish channel TV4. They performed the songs "Summer Night City" and "Voulez Vous". The tour will start on 29th March in 2007 in Uppsala and wil end on 12th May in 2007 in Linköping!

The videos from the appearances you can find on the Hallo Boards.

Hallo Boards
09.01.2007 Jenny is pregnant

On the official website the management announced, that Jenny and Jakob are expecting their second child! Here the original text:

Jenny is exited and happy and says that she has felt less pain and also much better during this second pregnancy. She is longing to meet you all and hope to see as many as possible of you on the ABBA Orchestra tour"
05.01.2007 news to album und tour

Lasse Karlsson answered some questions to the webmaster of the Aceboards about the new album and the possible tour.

According to Lasse the working on the new album is still in progress. There  are 6 songs recorded in Gothenburg and Stockholm. A release is planned for the spring 2008.

A tour is still planned from the band. Some single performances are possible for the autumn 2007. With the release of the new album a more structured tour is planned. If Linn will take part on the tour is up to her, but Lasse wouldn´t ecxlude Linns participation for the tour.

Furthermore the manager said, that the band was in Gothenburg the last 3 weeks of the old year. There were several meetings and the band talked about songs, ambitions and how to set their own personal targets. For the first 3 weeks Ulf is leaving Sweden for Thailand. After that the management and the band will make a more structured plan and this will be posted on the web through Lasse.

15.12.2006 Jenny on ABBA-tour

In spring 2007 Jenny will be one of some artist, which are part of an honour-tour for ABBA. There will be performed the greatest hits of ABBA together with musicians from the ABBA-Tour in Australis in 1977. Here are the dates:

- 29/03/ - Uppsala
- 31/03/ - Göteborg
- 21/04/ - Gävle

- 26/04/ - Västerås

27/04/ - Jönköping
28/04/ - Stockholm
04/05/ - Malmö 
- 10/05/ -
11/05/ - Växjö 
12/05/ - Linköping
06.11.2006 new album

According to the french website the band is working on the forthcoming album right now! There is a song with the title "Sunset in the Southern California" or very similar to it. This song has Jenny and Linn as leadvocals and is very close to the typical sound of Ace of Base! Furthermore Lasse Karlsson confirmed, that a tour should be planned for 2007. This week there will be a meeting between the band and the management. After that an official message should be published on the official website.
16.10.2006 no Ace of Base at the Eurovision Song Contest

Like in the last year, the newspapers in Sweden are discussing the possibility, that Ace of Base could be one of the Jokers for the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden or UK. But Lasse Karlsson did not confirm these rumours:

To make some information cleared,
In Swedish news papers there have been roomers the last two days about Ace of Base being a possible candidate for participating in the Swedish Eurovision song contest.

This is not correct!

There’s never been any official request from SVT (Swedish Television) if the band is interested to participate for Sweden in the Eurovision song contest.

So to valuate if or what the band feel about a question they never received seems kind of stupid.

Same thing about question about the UK!
UK or I should say BBC has never requested the band to participate for them in the Eurovision song contest.

Lasse Karlsson



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