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TV4 - Ace of Base on Morning Show

Thanks to the Acer Simon for the transcript of the interview!

"my sister can't fly, I can."

"so we think it's good to do it with two instead of...umm... three"

"so we'll go with us two..."

It seems on the video that you sing a bit more than your sister... "yes, on this song."

almost five years since you came out with a new record. "yes, it usually takes four years to make a record   but we never really had the time to finish the records before".

so now they're more well-done? "yeah, I think so"

is it a problem that you live abroad and the others in GBG? "No, I don't think so. We meet and take the time we need to write our material. I come to GBG, or to Stockholm, or they come to me abroad to meet."


Do you write equally much all four?
"Jonas I guess writes the major part of the songs, but also Malin and I have stepped forward a bit more on this record

go on, I love you  

"the reviewers write about you in the papers today, Expressen writes that you can never leave Ace of Base out of account, how does that feel?"

"That feels good." "It feels brave ( ?)"

We're going down a bit here... (in the paper!) Aftonbladet writes that the new records is extremely strong! "yeah, that's a bit more positive"

Do you get good critics in general? "Not in Sweden. Abroad we've always had pretty good critics, especially in the US,"

"in Sweden I think we never had any good critics"
Why not?
"it's difficult to be a prophet in your home country, home town above all"

Why did you record the video in GBG? You wanted to show GBG a bit? "YEah, it's actually fun with GBG. It is a fine town. Especially when it's been such a lovely weather. And it's a good home town, yeah it's been working very well to grow up there..."

Ulf: "I'm longing back a bit to GBG..."

23 million records was the sales for the first record, absolutely fantastic. My own record sold 100.000 and I'm very satisfied with that. But otnhe other hand I didn't write my own songs. But 23 million, where in the world do you sell the most?"

"In the US we sold most on the first album, kind of extreme, but in some countried like Malaysia it's quite interesting, every third person has an AoB record."

Will you be disappointed if this record won't sell in these figures? "We will never be able to sell n these figures again. It's all about the three Ts: Tur(Luck), Timing(timing!) & Talang(talent), and if you don't have that timing like we had on the first record, you won't be able to sell that much."

"Then there are totally different times nowadays."

Jenny, do you feel any pressure that you will have to do that well again? "No, I don't! I am so satisfied with what I've got and I'm so happy that I've experienced it."

Will you go on a tour and perform live somewhere? "we'll do a promotion-tour, and we'll eventually see if there willbe any live performances." Nothing planned yet? No Scandinavium or Globe Arena concerts? "nothing planned at the moment at least",

So you're not afraid of doing it, because you stand there, left alone.. Jenny:"nooo! I'm longing for that!!! I think it would be fun to sing *for real*!"

You really mean that? "yeaah!" Oh, how nice! "it isn't that much of that on TV." "it is fun live." I wish you all the luck, hope to hear you sing live here soon again!