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Expressen - Ace of Base is back

Thanks to the Acer Ceour for the translation of the article!

You can't write off Ace Of Base
Ace of Base is back

With a decently catchy refrain and the most ridiculous pop lyrics since they burst onto the scene with ”All that she wants”.
The biggest surprise is that Ace Of Base are back at all. The soon to be released album "Da Capo" seemed almost to have be frozen in its tracks for all eternity, that's just how little we've heard about the band since they flopped with "Flowers" nearly 5 years ago. Even if Uffe Ekberg  has assured everyone in between his jet-set crowd parties that the album is "ready" and "on its way" etc. And has been dong so for years.
But now
"Beautiful morning" is actually out. Not in the shops, but the new single has begun to be played on the radio - and it sounds remarkably similar to the tracks which gave the natives of Gothneburg their magnificent break trhough at the beginning of the 90s.
More like " All that She wants" and "The SIgn" thatn "C'est la vie" and " Hello Hello".
Predicting the future success or failture of these guys has always been particularly accurate, Both the heart and the head are in agreement that this won't make the grade. 1993 is no longer. Today the kids listen to Pink and well... Elvis, not old Ace Of Base and Dr Alban singles anymore.
The sound is plastic and completely outdated.
Ming you, it was the same back when the quartet came onto the scene all over the world with "All That She Wants".
In other words, you just can't write off Ace Of Base.
Whilst only time will tell how it ends up, we can all enjoy ourselves by listening to the lyrics - or reading them on the band's website.
Ace Of Base have always been generous with their lyrical artistic talents. This time round all 4 of them are listed as contributers. And one wonders what the scene actually looked like in the studio when these grown men and women came up with lines like " Believe me - crows will always fly/ Believe me - they are only birds."
Or then again, let's not.

The Hives are performing on the American MTV Music Awards this week. Go The Hives! The Hives are the biggest Swedish band we have out there at the moment.
The Biggest band since Ace Of Base performed at an MTV awards ceremony in Germany, except bigger.

I still like the Ark's new CD, but it's typical of them to organise a masquerade instead of a release party.

Nåid's new album " Waking up" is out in October in the US. Nåid is the man/producer behind a stack of brilliant tracks from A-ha, Kent, Stakka Bo, Jay-Jay Johanson and Cardigans.
Best of luck to the whole lot of them.

What's best right now:
The Ark: "In love we trust" (cd)
Space Age Baby Jane: ”Space Age Baby Jane” (out soon)
Jay-Jay Johanson: ”Antenna” (out soon)