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 Chat with Jochen Schuster (Polydor) on acerdom.de on 16th April 03

acerofalways: Welcome to Jochen Schuster!
benindy: guten Tag, from France
ka-karina: HALLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-]
christian: guten tag, herr schuster ... can we ask something?
Polydor: Welcome to all ace of base fans from Polydor!
clue: How many copies has Da Capo sold?
Polydor: In Germany we have sold ca. 40.000 units at this time. But you cannot compare it with the old times, because the development of CD-market got down and we did not sell so much copies like in the older times.
andi: Why are not planned any appearances in Germany till now?
Polydor: Because there were not the right shows till now and the band has many terms besides the promotion.
jessi: How many singles can we expect from the album "Da Capo"?
Polydor: At htis moment it is very difficul to say that, i depends from the success of Unspeakable.
christian: Is it a problem, that Linn is no more on the front of the band or where is the problem for Polydor?
Polydor: It is for Polydor no problem! Linn is as a creative person in the background a very important covering person for Ace of Base and for us!
ben: Why "The Juvenile" did not get a video?
Polydor: This was arranged with the band, because the song was only released in Germany.
christian: Herr Schuster, if you had the choose alone, which single you would release from Da Capo?
Polydor: My decision were Unspeakable too, because I think, that this song is the strongest from the album!
franzi: Is it possible, that we will get more unreleased songs, which were written for Da Capo? If yes - how?
Polydor: In theory this is possible, but only then, if we will release a 4th single and with it as a b-side!
clout: Are there plans for a remix-album?
Polydor: The plans exist! But we are on the beginning phase.
acerofalways: Are 40.000 units too low?
Polydor: That is not a count of units for the satisfacion for sure. But to say the exact exact reasons for it is very difficult, because there too much influences on the CD-sales, which you can`t measure!
goldie: There were really often the rumours, that this album will be the last album. What do you think about the future of Ace of Base?
Polydor: This depends from many factors! How the band is thinking abouts the future, how we will assess the future etc. I think, with the right songs all is possible!
andi: What do you think about an animated video for the next single? With it you would have a solution for the situation with Linn!
Polydor: It is a very good idea, which I will present ...
acerofalways: What do you thin are the reasons, that MTV is not on rotation on MTV?
Polydor: Mtv is a channel, which is very rock-orientated. Mtv pop try to get the youth people like VIVA. Ace of Base has the problem, that they don`t fit on both categories for 100 percent and so that is possible that the song is not so often played like other artists. But at this time Unspeakable is on the fresh rotation on MTV pop.
franzi: How many influence had Polydor on the album Da Capo - the production or the choice of the songs?
Polydor: The album was made in a collaboration between the band, the management, edel records denmark and with us. All parties had the same influence.
christian: Why are there no campaigns f.e. on this website from Polydor, what the fans expect, from the songs , the music of Ace of Base or for the promotion? There would be many ideas, which could be used...
Polydor: It is a good valuation, which I will discuss with our web managerin.
jessi: How is the presenting of demos and how did you choose the songs?
Polydor: We meet us all in the studio or on the label and then we are listening to the music for hours, drinking beers ;-)W and develop visions around the songs and the production.
e.t.: There was rumours about duets, is it true?
Polydor: At this time no, but we are often for interesting ideas and the best duets were made spontaneous.
franzi: Are there any solo-projects of the members of Ace of Base?
Polydor: I have not heard from such ideas till yet.
acerofalways: Why were there no promotion-acts to The Juvenile?
Polydor: Because the band did not have so much time and there were no represantives platforms at htis time.W
clout: What do you think from a duet with the no angels?
Polydor: On principle it would be very funny, but I think it is not realisitc, because both bands are doing very much and the time for it would be very short.
acerkay: Was there a discussion about a live-CD or -DVD?
Polydor: Yes, we discussed about it, but you need a tour for it and at the moment I don`t know exactly plans ...
acerkay: Do you think that the bad success is because they did not too much live (tour etc.)?
Polydor: This can be one reason, but as I said, there are much reasons possible, but that they did no tour i can be one reason.
goldie: Why are there no interviews for reviews like yam or bravo - to give Ace of Base the chance to reach the younger people?
Polydor: AOB has developed and is little bit older or growed ripe. yam, bravo etc. are concentrating on the teening acts, which have their place more with the young people.
jessi: Who had the idea with the DVD and the content?
Polydor: All participators.
acerkay: Why are there only 12 songs for Da Capo?
Polydor: Because this was the best mixture from the view of all involved people.
Polydor: Thanks to all participated chatter! I have to work now, that f.e. Ace of Base will sell more CDs. Have fun next time and I gladden for the great support of yours, in that sense "da capo" and till then.
jessi: Vielen Dank, dass sie sich Zeit für uns genommen haben, ich hoffe, wir erhalten diese Chance bald wieder
benindy: thanks :-]
kay: tschüsss
ka-karina: thank you for your time!!!!!!!!!
goldie: danke, dass sie ihre zeit für uns geopfert haben :)
acerofalways: vielen dank für den chat und danke für den tollen support...