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Aftonbladet - "The New album is extremely strong"

Thanks to the Acer Ceour for the translation of the article!

- But Ulf Ekberg also has his new girlfriend to think about.

First Ace Of Base album is 4 years.
At the same time bandmember Ulf Ekberg has other things on his mind.
More precisely, Johanna Aybar, 26.  
- It's still early days. But we are in love and think a lot of each other, Ulf, 31, says to Aftonbladet.
Johanna Aybar works for the production company MTV in Gothenburg, and is originally from Halmstad.
They have been a couple for some time.
The first pictures of the two of them together were taken at Björn Borg's wedding ealier in the summer.
 - Yes, that was when the infamous first picture of us was taken. But  at the same time, it's not like we're trying to hide it, says Ulf Ekberg.
 Over the weekend he has, together with the other members of Ace Of Base, finished the work with [the new album] "Da Capo"
It is the quartet's first album in four years.
 Ulf Ekberg is pleased. More than pleased in fact.
More than 200 tracks were written
 - During this time we have sat in different shifts and written songs. We have surely created close to 200 tracks.
 - I feel that we have put together an outstanding reocrd, which is extremely strong. We have chosen the twelve best songs for sure.
THe first single, "Beautiful Morning", is already receiving high rotation on the radio.
It is to be released on the 9th of September
Wants to sell millions
 - The first single doesn't really reflect the album as a whole. The record naturally has a pop-sound as well, but overall it has a harder edge and is more dance-influenced, says Ulf Ekberg.
 He isn't counting on a repeat of the success achieved with their first album - 23 million copies sold - but he still has high expectations.
 - I will be happy if we sell a couple of million copies.