Fenster schliessen

Radio City Göteborg - Interview vom 24.07.03

Thanks to the Acer Najs for the transcript of the interview!

Good morning, good morning! How are you there you sit? This is Jenny Berggren speaking via this radio machine. Eehm, I am guest here this morning and it is early, early, early and it will be much more later and I hope you will have a good journey with me this morning.  
Eehm, I will tell you a little about my strenghts, and above all my weak sides.  
and maybe conform some things that you have also pondered about.  
Is that normal.. to sing that wild and loud infornt of your steering wheel.. .when people see you... and it is redlight.  


You see, I was rather young when this happend. I was, I think I was around sev.. eigth years maybe.  
My favourite things in life was cellar smell, soft silk things, unread  comic magazine and melon. So I thought that these four items I have to mix. Ehm, I sat down in the cella, onthe cellar floor with my grandfathers kimono. He had an.. he had.. He was a seaman on the 7 seas and he had collect it from somewhere and.. It was my favourite material and my favourite smell, and I had in addition bought an melon and a magazine. And I sat there with all these good things, which of course became a complete disaster and I learn something from that. I learned that it does not work to mix too much things. For example, the poor melon was full of seeds that fell down in my magazine, I could not hold the magazine at the same time as I held the melon, cause I had found out then, that I only had 2 hands. Ehm, and my comfortable silk gown was not good at all for the cold that  the creepy cellar floor offered me. And the cellar smell completley whiped out the melon smell, or vice versa. So don't mix too much today, but do one thing at the time. Do as I do, one thing at the time.  

I have a side that I am not proud over, I am very difficult.. when it comes to remember birthdays.  
Yes, it is really difficult, since I know how fun it is to have birthday yourself. Ehhm, And it is so painful to feel that you somewhere actually have lost those poor dearly friends between the chink of time, and it is.. horrible! And furthermore it leads to catastrophic birthday greetings, one month to ealry, one month to late, one week to early, two days too early or in the worst case too late and besides that I send a bouquet that say "Gongratualtions on same year that you already are and that you cannot have turned more". It is a strange little...little.. ehhm... I am dumb that way. I don't mean it, I wanna say that to you all that I have missed. I don't mean it, it's just that I do not remember! Always, a lot... But I can can balance it up with when I come to your party. I have a party trick. A party trick is sometheing you must have, it's a must!  

If you have for example, eehhm, if you, if you.. eh I can cross my fingers, I can make 8 cross woth my fingers and I can also do it inversely. I wont try to explain how it work on radio. You have to come and watch me and ask me sometime to do it. I don't know right and left, eeh, so it will be impossible to explain it.

And beside that, I have naother party trick, ehm, that I have practise a lot on. I can talk with a whistle sound. This come frmo when I had stomach, when I was really food and stomach ill (=suffering from a stomach disorder) in England. It is hard to be sick-listed at my job. I laid there in a "heaven-bed" and 39C fever and I could not get up from bed. Ehm, they sent a strange doctor and I got totally wrong prescribtion and I got even worse.  

//and here it is hard to translate// -She says she laid there in her bed watching english commercials. It was "Nanion" on the tv and the charaters on that thing she saw talked with a cute whistle sound.

(back to Jenny)

They whistle so nice when they talked, so that you can practise on. It is good to to whistle talk like this (she is talking with a whistle sound here) This you can have as party trick, you get this at suggestion from me. Learn a party trick, if you don't have one, take mine, learn how to whistle talk.  


There are both positive and negative side with being durable against pain. Positive is that you don't feel much pain and sometime I say some things that is rather  obvious (what on earth is she talking about there?)  but to be durable against pain is rather smart. There are things though that is not so good about it. For exampe, I was at a eehh mm, yes a ganster party, it is true! It was poolbathing after some dinner and other stuff, and of course the fuse went off! Imagine being  squeezed in a sauna with 400 people were we not, but we were very many and then the light goes off and you stand there and take a step back and right at the sauna-aggregate. A loud scream came from my throat and I bound right into the 3 C pool and sat there with my bottom in the water and tried to somehow chill my body.  

That was a part of the story, the other side of the pain threshold that is not so good is that I walk.. travel around with these 2 huge (blämmor) wounds back on my thighs. Eeh, and when I drive around in my car, which is rather sporty, I sit and rub on exactly those points. I drive around in Majorna (a part of Gbg) and start to feel  that I am ready to drop and then I understand that my pain thresold is when I am on my way to faint.  

I have seen on my hair that it is not too smart to have a very high pain thresold. They have asked my on everysingle language "Are you håröm (when you brush your hair you can be sensetive to pain)" I actually don't know what it is in english but of you do, feel free to write or tell me what it is. Håröm in english, we need that word, we artist that travel around the world around. Eeh, Every monring you go to the person and say "I am hair öm, take it easy with my hair" Eehm, otherwise they will tear your hair apart. The first years I traveld around I never metnioned it since I have a very high pain threshold. So I said "Go a head, this is great, you can pull and tear as much as you want" and I looked like a cactus after about  a year, and that was not good.  

So say that you are hair ömma (have sensetive hair) if you are going to travel abroad.  


Yes, I am a singer, I have artistry as proffesion and we artist rarely gather and have conference in that way but it is our companies that gather us. Ourself usually find eehh our exchange of how it work at the job either in media or in our private friends.  

I am a rather ordinary girl with rather ordinary friends and they are from everywhere and all over the place and sometimes they have to stand it that I am, get, how am I gonna say it? Well, I use the word, I will do it "blunt the intellect/make stupid". Eeh, you can think that it is not easy to not be any other way. The first year I traveled around I had to write my name on a piece of paper, that was something I learnt when I was around 4 years old but then I had 4 flags on the e in Jenny  and the e in Jenny went the wrong way.  

Eehm, with this as a 20-21 years old being forced to leave out that you think it is pretty fun to write things and do things and all in sudden the only thing you do is to write you name on a piece of paper. Eeh, that is hard.  You get,  you get, you land a bit backwards, you don't end up in the front of the line. You don't feel very proud when You write an A4 page full with text and you get cramp in your hand.

Eehh, a horrible discover which I set right to when I started to write diary, but that year if any of my friends got a letter it would say "Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny in different ways, probably.  
Ehm, another thing that is a bit stupid is I hear, is that when you have a success which we had with our first album, then you hear in America, when you are there at work you hear the word "fantastic", perhaps 600 times a day, "great" 400 times etc.  

And then you have to express yourself at a native tounge, or that is to say the native tounge that everybody else around you has grown up with and know all the jokes in. And myself sit there and is really funny in swedish but cannot do a word in english. On the other hand I say the wrong words and it get totally wrong instead.  

Moreover on a accent, presumably in english or in american which you have picked up because you were there the week before, and it always wrong to speak english (the accent) if you are in U.S.A  and american (the accent) when you are in England. I have a irish bodyguard so everything with irish accent and since I gladly have my vacation in Australia which give me a g'day feeling on everything, so it is not easy.  

So if an artist would sit in the media and sound strange so is it actually our coffee breaks and we say things that we wanna share, just as you sit somewhere else and have coffee with your own colleagues. There is an variant on it of course, and it is to call them.

We were in Mariestad (a city in swe) and we were all about 20 years old and we were there with a coupke of boys where everyone called eachother by their lastname, lastname and lastname and it was all Andersson and Ander.. ehm they had different lastnames and then there was the girls (listen to her voice here 11:51), there was Linda, Frida and Annika and Louis and then it was Berggren. For some reason I riddle (don't know if u can use this word) over to the men real quick and got the name Berggren, all the ladies had their first name, excpet for poor Jenny BERGGREN. She had to have the lastname as name, just like a man. And I have thought about this and, Am I a man??  Because sometime I almost think so when I travel around among all these old men, men, guys and and  boys and eehh another gender that I am, another kind.  

Eehm, I listen on a conversation about the new car that has come out...  And the worst thing of all when they start..., and I have actually made it clear in my group and to my managment "don't talk to me in mobilephones anymore" . I travelled arond on a tour and I was not with my sister then so I was the only girl and I listened to mobilephones for 5 weeks, that is more than my ears can handle. What has become a problem is that when I get home, and sit with my friends it get a bit strange. And with this I know everything about cars and mobilephones and they talk about curtains, they talk about curtains and this is dangerous cause I don't know anything about curtains. They talk about flowers and how you make things, and I can't flowers but I can mobilephones so I go and sit with the lad's and become BERGGREN and talk about cars and the mobilephones and other small technical things.

I want to be seen as a flexible person, don't we all want that? If you think about it, are we not all that?

I think I am rather flexible, and beside that I make a catastrophic first intelligent impression on people, which is not always very successful. Eeh, I mess things up for myself and for others of course aswell since "we trust her, we lay it in her hands cause she seem to have control of everyhting" and then it  get to a big heaps of..eeh mistakes, so to speak.  

Eehm, What I think, I think it is funny to do things, and I make things happen.

I will never forget that day when I got a telephone call from Christina, my managment and she called me and said “Listen, we don’t have a video and we have 3 days to make one, I have booked a studio in Göteborg. Shall we write some stuff and see what we can gather together?

So we sat at Sheraton (exlusive hotel). From an idea to finishing the recording took 72 hours of which I slept 4, your feet hurt much then.  

Eehm, at that time it was a lot of  “papphammar (don’t have transl. for this) around me. You know papphammar, the guy who tumble, drop and get stuck, and somehow he become very funny when he do these things. And since I mess things up for myself, since I am quite/rather lazy. I don’t want to go twice so I take everything with me at once if I am going from one place to another. I.e, if I am going from my car to the office I have keys on my finger, I have my car keys and I have my handbag, I have my computer bag- my laptop, and I have my exercise clothes, I have the papers which is topical for the currect meeting and I have always different bags with me and I look like a christmas tree.  And it tinkle from all the keys, and I drop and I drop. And I have to park with a little card, and you have that in your mouth. And you look like a crooked, puffing, christmas tree, stressed little woman that bounds out from the car, and then you have to find the keys to the car, and they hang somewhere on my fingers behind all the.. well you know how it can look like. In any case, this person that I am, that is flexible and have a first intelligent impression become a disaster. Eehm, it become a disaster more for myself maybe than the project that it has to do with.  

Eehm I have a memeory from this video recording when we were, not only me but Christina was this puffing, stressed christmas tree and things, when we ran around and did lots of things. Ehm I have a little memory from this time and that is that I make a call and in somewhat businessman-like, pondus-like way trying to presuade a farmer to Hiya there kiddo, this is Jenny Berggren from Ace of base calling and I would like to borrow your malasian hog?(Hängbuks svin) Can we that?

to be continued ...