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Ace Of Base's secret new video von www.expressen.se

GOTHENBURG. Here is the future of Ace Of Base. Jenny Berggren and Ulf Ekberg meet in a taxi in Gothenburg. Expressen were present during the recording of the new music video.          

Victoria passage in central Gothenburg is blocked off and there are statisticians, film crew members, lights and cameras everywhere. A surprised Gothenburg native goes by and wonders what's going on. - Oh boy, Ace Of Base, says the man and hurries (eilen) on by. The band, who were once the world's best selling newcomers, have been absent for just over 2 years.
Newly styled red hair

Ulf Ekberg, 32, has newly styled red hair for the occasion (Gelegenheit) and a scarf (Schal) around his neck. Jenny Berggren, 30, gets out of the specially painted taxi in a black dress. This is the opening scene of the new video. It is here that the theme of the new video is shown for the first time. "Joy" passes from Ulf to Jenny, then it runs on through the whole video, from person to person.
Is it a kind of laying on of hands?
-Haha, oh no, it isn't meant to be religious, we just brush past one another and that's how the joy passes on, says Ulf with a smile.            
- And joy is contagious. The best in life is free, says an equally happy Jenny Berggren. It is these 2 who continue all the more to be the outward face of the group, Jenny's siblings Malin, 32, and Jonas, 35, keep themselves more in the background.
So really it's the 2 of you who are Ace and the others are the Base?
- No, the Base is all four of us, we can't survive without each other, says Jenny.
Will there be a tour in the future?
- That is impossible, I would love to (Ulf nods in agreement) but my sister is scared of flying and my brother is concentrating on his family, continues Jenny.

On his honeymoon

Jenny and Ulf were alone on location yesterday. Malin and Jonas have already done their scenes.  
- My brother is on his honeymoon [translator's note: smekmånad is honeymoon in English. My guess is that it's either his honeymoon he's put off (remember he and Birthe didn't go away after their wedding) or it's a second honeymoon], it had been planned for a long time, explains Jenny.
The video will be sequenced together somehow so that the whole band are together at the same time.
Jenny and Ulf are set to go in the anticipation of the comeback, which can be seen by how much fun they are having back in front of the camera.            
- We're recording th video in double speed, it sounds like Donald Duck, but then we'll slow it down. A Gothenburg resident came past and heard it and said tactfully: "Ah, Ace Of Base, is that the new sound?" Ulf laughs at the fan's kind comments and disappears on his way.
Jenny jokes and calls him "Little Red Riding Hood".
A strange sounds can be heard in th background.
What is that, is that Ulf making that noise?
- No, that's just an old door, says Jenny while Ulf works on his voice before the next take.    

Footnote: The first single "Beautiful Morning" is out on the 9th of September.

Thanks Couer for the translation on the Hallo-Boards!.