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Radio-Interview in Schweden (Januar 2000)

Chris: I mean do you feel that you have paved the way for the swedish pop explosion?

Ulf: I think we have been involed in it at least.

Jenny: (cutting Ulf off) we have contributed to it.

Ulf: (cutting jenny off) Yeah!
Jenny: (finishing her sentance)But umm, that umm, we are just one of the corners in it.

Chris: How does it feel to be an international well know band? To get where every you go to have people RUSH after you to ask for an Autograph. How does it feel?

Ulf: well musicial wise it's good because you can, what ever you do you can reach out to people. people listen to you also. but it's a very big responsibility. You have to watch your tongue what you are saying because people really believe you, You know? and umm I think we are trying to use it in a good way. For example now in berlin we were performaning before 10 million people they were collecting money for child with bad dieases, like heart diease and cancer.And that's a very good cause. <long winded here but good words for thought> Iwant us to work a little bit more with that. we have done a few big things like that before.

Chris: well how does the celebrity thing effect your private life? Do you have a private life? <this part is good, wait until you read what jenny talks about>

Ulf: I think we have it now then before. In the beginning it was very new ya know, AoB was very new and very hyped, you know? everybody wanted to know everything about AoB and to let us be alittle bit more <think he forgot the word ALONE here> now.

Jenny: it's cooling down now in that way now. and that is very good. I remember the first time when, my first summer we were popular I was and i was bit sad, I couldn't sun bath topless
<before someone freaks out here, just a note that it is very normal in sweden for women to go topless on the beach in public. It's cool that sweden is so relaxed about it and the fact that sex crimes are very low as the swedish men RESPECT women as people and not sex objects like American men/culture. 'Thanks to jenny and tessi and marie for explaining a bit on the swedish culture to me'>
jenny: (Cont.) because I would be recognized.

Jenny: I couldn' sunbath at all because I didn't sunabth at all because I didn't want people to take pictures when i was in a bikini. and luckily the topless error was over. YEAH! and it wasn't a problem anymore, but it was bit like that. when ever you went you were looking into peoples eyeballs
<the swedish people have this way of looking into your eyes, not like us as we avoid eye contact>

Ulf: (cutting jenny off) YES!

Jenny: (giggles) Ok, since people don't recognize me so much anymore. it's becoming much better. Just wonder how people live with it all the time, how they relate to it becuase everyone keeps staring at them all the time.