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Stars in Scandinavia

First the prophet is without honour in his own country. Ace of Base had to make this experience too. Although they were an popular act in their hometown gothenborg but the rest of the country was rather reserved when the lively four from the swedish south were mentioned.

Only when the fans from the neighbour countries Denmark and Norway were crazy about the four Northerner the swedish music listener realized there is someting big on the way. For Jonas the breakthrough delay is not a miracle: "Unfortunately it's typical for Sweden that the people want to see not just listen to the music: the image is extremely important here. Characteristic for that fact is that a band like Abba had to be sucessful in the whole world before they were accepted in their native country. The swedish prophet is without honour in his own country as well.

In case of Ace of Base MTV was a big help. By the success in the neighbour countries the swedes could be convinced at least by video of the qualities of their compatriots. That the band had a contract for the first lbum with a danish label was no resentment against the Swedes. It was only a consequence of it - Jonas said: "We had with our first single Wheel Of Fortune a number one-hit in Denmark, the same with All That She Wants and Happy Nation. In December 1992 2 songs were on the top of the charts - on number one and two! In Copenhagen we found a label, which was interested on our whole material, not only on the soft songs."

Furthermore, he said, the whole work on the album was done in Sweden: "After all we recorded the album at the Tuff Studios in Gothenborg."

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