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It rains platinum and gold

Bad news for all Swedish painters: they won't get any orders from the members of Ace Of Base for next few years. The superstars have received so many gold and platinum honors that they can decorate their walls with them. A litte selection of the trophy collection of the four pop heros shows that the sound of Ace Of Base doesn't halt for any country, that their music is crossing the borders. All That She Wants, their most succesful single so far, reached gold in Austria, Norway and the Netherlands as well as in France, Sweden and the USA. In Germany the song even got triple gold, and in Denmark and England the hit was honored with platinum.

The singles Wheel Of Fortune, The Sign, Happy Nation and Don't Turn Around stood and still are standing in the precious metal rain. There are daily notifications about the sensational sellings of the Swedish whizz-kids.

Also the albums Happy Nation and The Sign leave the competitiors far behind. One platinum honor after the other gives evidence about the giantic demand for the unique sound of Ace Of Base. Yet, the musicians stay modest and show that it isn't important to them to be overwhelmed with honors. To the question, if they want to become succesfull with the album The Sign in Germany as well, Jenny answers astonished: "Why? The album already is under the first 20 of the charts". Maybe this is the reason for the big success of the "ABBA 2000", how they are already called in the USA: Always stay natural, although it isn't easy considering more than 90 precious metal records.

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